About Us

As the son of “potters”, as a child I watched my father work on the lathe and my mother that decorated. Intrigued, I immediately began to manipulate the clay, then by the time it is born the passion, leading me to study in the Institute of Arts in Siena and a graduate of  Master ceramist. In later years I was to help my parents, even though I was doing other work.
But in 1995 I met my wife Doriana, she also love art and painter. We created our own laboratory in Colle di Val d’Elsa; I taught its pottery industry, and today we take together to form objects remaining in a style typical “Tuscan” as natural as our lands.
Every year we propose new decorations and forms, and modern, to please our customers who come from all over the world.

Earth – Water – Air – Fire – Colour: how ceramics are born

  1. Create the object in Clay (lathe , Asthma , casting , etc . )
  2. Finishing + Applications
  3. Drying
  4. First cooking at  950 °
  5. Enameling (spray or immersion )
  6. Decoration
  7. Crystalline (spray or immersion )
  8. Second cooking at 930 °